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Tooth Fairy Fun

I can't believe I am writing this, but Braylie lost her first tooth. She is getting to be so grown up and it is killing me inside. On another note, I am ecstatic that she lost her first tooth. Getting to experience these milestones with her are what I live for. I love making my girl feel extra special when big things happen!

We noticed a week prior that her bottom tooth was loose. It wasn't extremely loose, but enough where we were able to move it back and forth. I called the dentist Monday morning because I thought it was way too soon for her to be losing teeth. The dentist reassured me by telling me it is possible that she can have a loose tooth even though normally kids are five or six years old before losing their first tooth. As the week went on I literally checked her mouth twice a day just to see if the tooth was becoming more loose. Yes, I am that paranoid mom. I told her multiple times that if it was to come out in her mouth not to swallow it and give it to myself or…

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