Tooth Fairy Fun

I can't believe I am writing this, but Braylie lost her first tooth. She is getting to be so grown up and it is killing me inside. On another note, I am ecstatic that she lost her first tooth. Getting to experience these milestones with her are what I live for. I love making my girl feel extra special when big things happen!

We noticed a week prior that her bottom tooth was loose. It wasn't extremely loose, but enough where we were able to move it back and forth. I called the dentist Monday morning because I thought it was way too soon for her to be losing teeth. The dentist reassured me by telling me it is possible that she can have a loose tooth even though normally kids are five or six years old before losing their first tooth. As the week went on I literally checked her mouth twice a day just to see if the tooth was becoming more loose. Yes, I am that paranoid mom. I told her multiple times that if it was to come out in her mouth not to swallow it and give it to myself or her teacher if she was at school. 
Saturday we went and picked up lunch and came back to eat with Chris before he had to get ready for work. Braylie was eating her chicken tenders when she turned at me and smiled and I noticed what looked like a black spot in her mouth. For a minute I thought she just had some chicken on her teeth because she likes playing with her food. I asked her to come here and sure enough her tooth was gone! I immediately start freaking out asking her a million questions. 
"Where is your tooth?" 
"Did you swallow it?" 
"Did you feel it when you were eating?"
"Is it stuck in your chicken tender?"
Of course she just stares at me like I am crazy. She had no idea it was even gone. She told me she didn't feel it when she was chewing. We think the chicken tender pulled it out and she just swallowed it without even knowing. We never found it anywhere around the area she was eating.

Making memories with her and getting to experience all the magic again, only this time through her eyes, is just pure magic in itself. So, I put on my tooth fairy wings, glittered all my dollars and got everything ready to make my girls first lost tooth special. Then I took an obscene amount of photos of my girls new, even cuter, smile!

What did the tooth fairy leave?
1. A certificate where the tooth fairy rated her tooth and noted which tooth she lost.
2. A miniature note from the tooth fairy herself congratulating Braylie on losing her first tooth.
3. The oh so sparkly dollar bills. For sure the biggest hit!

How did I glitter the money?
I honestly had no idea how to do this. I got the idea from another mom blogger and knew I had to do the same for Bray because she loves anything with sparkle! I got the glitter and the adhesive from Target. I lightly sprayed the money with the adhesive and then sprinkled the glitter on.

Where did I get the printable's?
Etsy! The listing is editable and you can add the dates yourself each time before you print! Which is perfect so I am able to put the date in each time she loses a tooth. WestieCrew also had a blonde tooth fairy that you could choose from as well as different listings for little boys.

Where did she put her tooth before bed?
When we noticed Braylie had a loose tooth I ordered her the cutest custom tooth pillow from RubyLewisDesigns, but since Braylie swallowed her first tooth we didn't get to use it. Braylie was worried the tooth fairy wouldn't find her since she didn't have a tooth under her pillow so we used the printable sign and put it on her bedroom door. I honestly can't wait until she loses another tooth so she is able to put her tooth in her new tooth pillow. How perfect is this?

Hope this was helpful for all of my mommy friends. If you use any of these ideas I would love to see! Just tag me on instagram @hellolaurenm.


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