Life's A Beach: Trippin' With The Fam 2018

Wow! You guys! Life has been so crazy lately with work and summer coming to an end. I am finally excited to share our trip to Panama City Beach! We had such a great time with lots of great food!

First off, I LOVE the beach. I would move there in a heartbeat if my day job was laying on the beach as a professional tanner. Haha! But seriously, it is so relaxing and I get the best tan. Plus, you can't forget about all of the seafood. Florida takes seafood to a whole new level and I am o b s e s s e d.
How many of you love seafood? Comment below your must have seafood dish when going to the beach. My must have is crab legs with lots and lots of butter. While in Panama City we went to a new restaurant called "The Wharf" and it was an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Yes, you read that right ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! They had so many crab legs I was in heaven. I honestly don't even know how many times I went back to get more. They were delicious! They also had all-you-can-eat filet mignon so it is basically the best buffet I have ever been too. It was very classy and perfect for a family dinner.

Right outside of The Wharf there was a lake with so many turtles. We even saw a turtle riding on an alligators back. That kept the kids busy while we were waiting for The Wharf to open.

Every morning we woke up around the same time, ate breakfast, and then headed to the beach. We stayed most of the day. Braylie loved the sand so much she would basically swim in it. Braylie, Bax, and Sami built sand castles daily and even searched for sea shells. We came home with quite a bit of shells which Braylie keeps safe in her little bucket in her room. 

While we were on vacation my sister celebrated her 24th birthday and we went to club La Vela, and boy did that make me feel old. I remember going to teen night when I was in high school there. That feels like so long ago.

Each day was filled with the beach and then a yummy dinner to follow. We went to Pier Park where there are lots of places to eat and shop. Right after we crossed the street and walked the pier. There were lots of people fishing on the pier and that made Braylie so mad. She kept telling random people that they don't need to catch fish. Lol! 

I know I keep talking about food, but let's be real I really like to eat. Haha! My favorite part of all that I just HAD to go to was Gulf Coast Burger Co! O M G. On top of having an amazing hamburger their shakes were to die for! They were the biggest shakes I have ever seen with the best toppings.

Going to Race City is also a huge recommendation! There are so many rides for all ages. While the family rode go karts, my mom and I, took Braylie to ride a car ride. She really wanted to do the Lil Speedy go karts, but she was 2 inches too short to ride, and she was m a d! She still brings up how she wasn't big enough to ride and that she is going to ride next time we go. 

On our last day in Panama City we decided to go jet skiing. I have been on jet skis before on a lake. Well, let me tell you it is WAY different in the middle of the ocean with huge boats making even bigger waves. It was the scariest jet ski ride of my life and I can't say that I will ever do that again. Let's just say I shed a tear.....or two....
Right after my mom and step dad took the kids to the zoo and Braylie had her own traumatic experience. She went into the parakeet cage to feed the birds and they all swarmed her at once and she freaked out. (I mean, she is my child. So, I don't blame her on the meltdown)
That was a tough day for Braylie and I. After that, I think we were ready to get back home. 
We especially missed Chris. He was unable to come because of work so being gone for a week without him was tough, but we made it.

I am so thankful and so blessed my step dad took us on this amazing trip. It was so fun and much needed. Panama City has a lot of memories from when I was younger and now I can share them with Braylie. It is family friendly and there are so many different attractions and places to visit.
I loved spending this time with my crazy family. 

Scroll below to see more pictures from our vacation. Including our annual family beach picture in our matching shirts. (We got lots of stares,btw) Haha! 


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